messenger style hobo bag with versatile strap

The High Street Hobo


      Behind the Design

      The Evie
      Make the Rules

      As a Corporate Attorney, Founder & CEO Lisa Davis, found it was a balancing act to be feminine, yet strong, in a male-dominated work environment.

      Using men’s silk tie fabric, the Evie Bag is a nod to traditionally male-dominated industries transformed into something stylish and feminine.

      The 14k gold-beaded strap is reminiscent of vintage jewelry and the gold-link crossbody chain makes this bag functional without losing any of the feminine details.

      The Hunter

      Growing up with an equestrian background, Lisa Davis, had a love for horses and what they symbolize: strength and beauty. They push forward through highs and lows with an innate knowledge of how to respond in any situation.

      The Live Lukcy collection is designed as a nod the strength of Western riding and the elegance of English riding. Our signature Horseshoe icon is a reminder that strength and elegance go hand-in-hand when you choose to Live Lucky.


      The Balmoral
      Live Lucky

      Those that “Live Lucky” work hard, persevere, and understand that failure will happen, but it is the response to failure that is a true testament to the woman that chooses to “Live Lucky.”

      Living Lucky embodies the spirit of our brand. At its core, we believe woman who rise to the top do it with grace, kindness, charm, and a palpable energy that brings good people and good things to them.