About Us

Founded in Austin in 2018 with the purpose of making clear, stadium compliant bags, but only cooler, Hampton Road Designs has quickly grown into lifestyle brand built around wearable luxury accessories that are playful and chic.   

Hampton Road Designs Heirloom Collection Vintage Designer Scarf Clutches

Founder Lisa Davis has loved design and accessories since she was a girl, but one thing she never found were accessories that gave women the power to define their own style.Lisa Davis Founder of Hampton Road Designs with husband Bruce Kirchofer  at their home in San Antonio, Texas

Working closely with her husband, Bruce Kirchofer, they globally source vintage Dior and other designer trims for guitar straps, authenticated designer silk scarves for the best-selling Heirloom Collection clutches, and the finest leather for their bags.

They create pieces that are sleek, versatile and give women the accessories she needs to be bold and edgy one day, classic and elegant the next, but most importantly, herself. She is not one thing. She is the modern woman.

She is smart. She is fun. She is strong. She is gracious. She is fearless. She is relatable. She blazes her own trail. She defines her style. She appreciates and expects quality.

We are thankful to all of our loyal customers that have supported our brand.  We are now in over 100 retailers across the U.S. and are continue to expand our line to create products for the woman you are today and tomorrow.  

With Love & Gratitude, 

Lisa and Bruce