Coral Coat of Arms Bag Strap



  • Non-adjustable
    Length: 49”
    Width: 1.5”
    Designed to work crossbody or hang low on your hip.
    Fronted in vibrant 60's inspired trim with pink, yellow, and turquoise flowers.
    Backed in genuine cowhide.
    Features HR branded clasps.
    Leather dusted in Italian Gold.

Rock On With Your Bad Self

It's always a good idea to show your edge. Add a Hampton Road Designs' Guitar Straps to your favorite bag when you've got something important to say. Demand respect.

Change your stripes

Our Striped Straps are the perfect compliment to your favorite bag from Hampton Road Designs, or any other bag designer. All you need are a couple of D-Rings and you can upgrade your look with the clip of a two clasps.

Go Shorty!

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