And the Beat Goes On: Hampton Road Designs X Austin City Limits


Hampton Road Designs created a commemorative scarf for Austin City Limits 2021 Hall of Fame Induction  to honor  WILCO, Lucinda Williams, Alejandro Escovedo, and the rich Austin history of ACL and live music.

For the Austin City Limits 2021 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Lisa Davis and Bruce Kirchofer, owners and creative minds behind Hampton Road Designs, teamed up with Texas artist, Aiden, to create a scarf commemorating the event for supporters of the long-standing PBS program. 

About the Scarf

Lisa and Bruce, both have deep Austin roots–roots that go back to the early 1970s. (They helped make Austin “weird”!) As the city grew from a progressive college town into the so-called Silicon Hills, Lisa and Bruce also grew with the creative musical energy that unwaveringly beats at Austin’s core. This is, in large measure, thanks to Austin City Limits.

The 2021 Hall of Fame Tribute Scarf, designed in collaboration with Texas artist, Aiden, reflects the generous legacy of each inductee as well as that of every Austin musical pioneer who helped shaped contemporary American music.

Scarf Inspiration: Hermès Meets Music

Inspired by classic Hermès scarves, this scarf’s corners feature spheres of influence for each 2021 inductee to the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame. Each sphere depicts the artists’ gorgeous lyricism as informed by places they’ve called home:

For Wilco, someone is receiving “A Shot in the Arm” in the shadow of the Chicago skyline; for Lucinda Williams, “Car Wheels on a Gravel Road” spew dust upon the old refining towns of southern Louisiana; and, for Alejandro Escovedo, a woman walks a tightrope while playing “Castanets” on an unexpected journey toward Dallas.

As your eyes move inward, the three circles of guitars, drums, and keyboards honor the artists’ music itself.  The psychedelic effect of these circles is not accidental – it is the visual depiction of sound reverberating and syncopating into rhythm – the kind of rhythm that elevates our senses.  Finally, at the center of the scarf sits Austin City Limits, the longest running music program in television history, proudly giving international voice to these inductees and the hundreds of other artists who’ve appeared on the program.  

Hampton Road Designs Design Ethic

Lisa and Bruce chose to make this scarf because, let’s face it, a good scarf is iconic to American music. This scarf also aligns to Hampton Road Designs, which is known for salvaging vintage textiles from dusty closets around the world and upcycling them into one-of-a-kind guitar-style straps and handbags. As a whole, this Hall of Fame Tribute Scarf is where Hampton Road Designs’ love of vintage textiles meets Lisa and Bruce’s love of music, Austin City Limits, and PBS.

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