"Correspondance" Black Card Holder (Upcycled from Hermes Scarf) Card Holder Hampton Road Designs

"Correspondance" Black Card Holder (Upcycled from Hermes Scarf)

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Let Hampton Road Designs introduce you to your Black Card’s new best friend! Our one-of-a-kind HEIRLOOM COLLECTION Vintage Scarf Card Holders are the perfect compliment to your favorite Heirloom Clutch or Hampton Road Designs bag.

*Hampton Road Designs is NOT AFFILIATED with Hermes. 

    Did you know that the fashion industry is the planet's second largest polluter - amounting to roughly 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions?  We did.  As a result, it is Hampton Road Designs' mission to do what we can to minimize fashion's footprint on our diminishing global resources.

    To accomplish our mission, we incorporate vintage and previously-loved designer textiles and trims into as many of our designs as possible. To be clear: Neither Hampton Road Designs nor any of of our products is affiliated with the brands who designed these up-cycled textiles and trims. These brands include, for example, Hermes, Gucci, Pucci, and others, as disclosed in each applicable product description. What is more, each of our products is clearly branded as a Hampton Road Designs creation throughout its packaging, zippers, clasps, charms, and labeling. As a result, the scarf designers cannot be held responsible for the authenticity or quality of products offered for sale by Hampton Road Designs.

    By upcycling these previously-loved textiles and trims, we are doing what we can to help the environment and reduce waste, while making beautiful accessories that help you look and feel chic and confident every day.

    Hampton Road Designs is thrilled to announce that Texas Monthly Magazine featured our Silk Heirloom Clutches as the perfect gift for trendsetters in its 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

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